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I am an ecological consultant and field botanist located in the Chicago region. At ecology + vision, llc, I design and monitor habitat restorations, conduct floristic surveys, teach plant identification workshops, and delineate wetlands, among other assorted ecological consulting projects. I am the current president of the Northeast Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society. Join us!

I studied environmental sciences, plant biology, and conservation biology at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I currently live in Chicago, but I’m originally from Duluth, Minnesota and make it back that way a few times a year.

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email → cassisaari@gmail.com
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 ecologist at ecology + vision, llc

Looking for a speaker?

I’m happy to speak about or teach workshops on the following topics. Get in touch!

  • habitat restoration → planning, implementing, and monitoring prairie, wetland, savanna, and woodland restoration projects in the Midwest United States; performance standards for ecosystem restoration assessment; seed and plant mix design
  • plant identification → intro to botany; Midwest US flowering plants including native and non-native species, invasive species, tree and shrubs; tools for plant ID; taxonomy; botanical terminology
  • iNaturalist → intro to iNaturalist, all-day indoor/outdoor iNaturalist workshops, using iNaturalist for citizen science projects, advanced iNaturalist tools