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I am an ecological consultant and field botanist located in the Chicago region. At ecology + vision, llc, I design and monitor habitat restorations, conduct floristic surveys, teach plant identification workshops, and delineate wetlands, among other assorted ecological consulting projects. I am the current president of the Northeast Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society. Join us!

I studied environmental sciences, plant biology, and conservation biology at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and currently live in Chicago, but I’m originally from Duluth, Minnesota and make it back that way a few times a year.

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email → cassisaari@gmail.com
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 ecologist at ecology + vision, llc

Looking for a speaker?

I’m happy to speak about or teach workshops on the following topics. Get in touch!

  • habitat restoration → planning, implementing, and monitoring prairie, wetland, savanna, and woodland restoration projects in the Midwest United States; performance standards for ecosystem restoration assessment; seed and plant mix design
  • plant identification → intro to botany; Midwest US flowering plants including native and non-native species, invasive species, tree and shrubs; tools for plant ID; taxonomy; botanical terminology
  • iNaturalist → intro to iNaturalist, all-day iNaturalist workshops, using iNaturalist for citizen science projects