Hi! 👋 I am a field botanist and Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner working in the Chicago region. At Northwestern University, I studied environmental sciences with a focus on plant biology and conservation. After that, I worked for 8 years at an ecological consulting firm with projects for government agencies, non-profits, and private clients located throughout the Midwest. I now work for the Chicago Park District as part of the Environmental Conservation & Engagement team.

Aside from studying and restoring natural areas, one of the things I most enjoy is helping the average person realize that natural spaces, even in urban areas, are diverse, beautiful, and worthy of our protection and care.

Looking for a speaker?

I am taking a bit of a break from speaking engagements for the first half of 2022. If your event is past that timeframe, feel free to get in touch!

I can speak or teach works on the following topics:

  • habitat restoration → planning, implementing, and monitoring prairie, wetland, savanna, and woodland restoration projects in the Midwest United States; performance standards for ecosystem restoration assessment; seed and plant mix design
  • plant identification → intro to botany; Midwest US flowering plants including native and non-native species, invasive species, tree and shrubs; tools for plant ID; taxonomy; botanical terminology
  • iNaturalist → intro to iNaturalist, all-day indoor/outdoor iNaturalist workshops, using iNaturalist for citizen science projects, advanced iNaturalist tools

If you’ve got ideas or opportunities, shoot me an email!


Kankakee mallow Iliamna remota
cassi saari Palmisano Park Chicago Park District Natural Areas
Elymus canadensis Rainbow Beach