Using iNaturalist for Plant Identification and Land Management (December 12th, 2020)

Details to come, but I’ll be speaking about the use of iNaturalist for plant identification and supporting land management efforts in the Chicago Region. The talk is hosted through the Società Romana di Scienze Naturali (SRSN), an Italian research institute dedicated to promoting and conducting scientific research in the natural sciences. Learn more about SRSN here:

Using iNaturalist for Plant Identification and Land Management
Saturday, December 12th, 2020
10AM Chicago time / 5PM Central European (CET)

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Get an introduction to iNaturalist, a community science website, app, and network of people making observations of flora and fauna across the world. Learn how amateurs and professionals alike are sharing their nature observations, getting help with species identification, and using the iNaturalist platform for conservation planning, land management, nature education, monitoring, and research.

cassi saari works for the Chicago Park District, where she coordinates research and monitoring, conducts floristic inventories and assessments, and supports on-the-ground ecological restoration through mapping and planning. Her background is in field botany, ecological restoration design, and vegetation monitoring. She is a volunteer Curator on and President of the Northeast Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society.

While I’m trying to learn some Italian, this talk will be conducted in English, with help from native Italian speakers to answer questions that may come up. Many thanks to Stefano Doglio for helping get this set up!

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