New iNaturalist Tips & Tricks Page

For a long time I’ve had a list of searching tips and other tricks for improving your use of iNaturalist on my profile there. I thought I’d move that info…somewhere else, to slim down that page, so here we go:

A Short Biography of Floyd Swink

Photos by Nadir Hashmi (left) and Bob Peterson (right) The following is a snapshot of the Wikipedia page I created for Dr. Floyd A. Swink (Floyd Swink) as of July 30th, 2018, with helpful additions from Mark Kluge. Please view the latest version of the Wikipedia page for references and the most up-to-date version:¬† …

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The Proper Way to Mulch

Saw this meme floating around social media produced by Texas A&M Forest Service. Thought I’d make my own version… It is in the spirit of Gerould Wilhelm’s essay, “Building a Loving, Healthy Home for a Tree.”

Walk the Wood

Look for your nearest Illinois Natural Areas Inventory site or Illinois Nature Preserve.[1] Make the call whether or not to trespass if it looks like private property. Plug it in your GPS and hit the road. Near the preserve, your parking spot is preferably near some houses or tucked out of the way so that your …

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Learning, learning

The past year has been exciting for me, botanically speaking, as I pushed myself outside my somewhat monotonous prairie restoration monitoring to explore more remnant areas, learning the more obscure Illinois flora in my free time. With the new Flora of the Chicago Region in hand, I documented over 1000 plant taxa in the state …

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#BringBackTheBees, Another Misguided Conservation Effort

Another example of a poorly-designed “wildflower” seed mix to entice the public to engage in conservation efforts with Cheerios’ #BringBackTheBees¬†campaign¬†(see previous post on DuneCraft’s “Native” Perennial Seed Bombs). Really, how hard is it to consult an ecologist or botanist for efforts like these? And what a lesson in providing both common and scientific names. It’s …

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