Being an iNaturalist Curator – Discord Chat on Saturday, April 18th at 6PM CDT

Saturday, April 18th at 6PM Central Daylight Time

(see date/time in your local timezone)

We’ll have a group chat on the iNaturalist Discord server, with @bouteloua (me!) screensharing / presenting, about what it’s like to be a curator on iNaturalist and what some of the common tasks are. If you’re already a curator, feel free to join in and add your perspective!

To attend, download Discord’s software or mobile app (there are issues viewing the stream in a browser)

  • Join the iNaturalist Discord server:
  • Under Voice Channels, open the General chat a little before it starts
  • Once @bouteloua begins screen sharing, you will need to Join Stream
  • We have a concurrent text chat at #v-of-the-c too
  • Please mute yourself when not talking :)

You can submit questions ahead of time here.

Basic outline:

  • Who are iNaturalist Curators?
  • What Curators can & can’t do
  • Taxonomic curation
    • External authorities & policies
    • Adding missing species
    • Ungrafted taxa
    • Taxon changes
    • Locked & “complete” taxa
    • Taxon framework relationships
  • Editing geoprivacy
  • Spam patrol & false positive spam resolution
  • Resolving flags
  • Community Guidelines & moderation
  • How to become a Curator
  • Additional resources
  • Q&A – you can submit questions ahead of time here

Hope to “see” you there!

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