Prairie Silhouette

A 4:23PM sunset really sneaks up on you. You’re enjoying the golden brown prairie hues and suddenly it’s nearly pitch black.

Blackberry Trail Blackberry Trail Blackberry Trail

The middle photo above is a naturalized stormwater detention basin burned this fall.
The following prairie plant silhouettes are from Blackberry Trail Forest Preserve in Kendall County, IL.

Blackberry Trail Silphium perfoliatum cup plant winter silhouette

Silphium perfoliatum (cup plant)

Blackberry Trail Sorghastrum nutans indiangrass winter silhouette

Sorghastrum nutans (indiangrass)

Blackberry Trail Andropogon gerardii big bluestem turkeyfoot winter silhouette

Andropogon gerardii (big bluestem, more lovingly known as turkeyfoot)

Blackberry Trail Ratibida pinnata grey-headed coneflower winter silhouette

Ratibida pinnata (grey-headed coneflower)

Blackberry Trail Panicum virgatum switchgrass winter silhouette

Panicum virgatum (switchgrass)

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